North American Anglo-Arabian

Horse Association


The Goal of this organization is to promote, educate, recognize, support and advocate for the owners, breeders and enthusiasts of the Anglo-Arabian horse in North America.

This uniquely athletic horse has been revered in Europe for hundreds of years and although fairly new to this part of the world, Anglo-Arabians are gaining in popularity as people recognize the value of an Arabian-Thoroughbred cross in all aspects of competition.

Anglo-Arabians are unique within the Arabian registry as it is the only horse that does NOT require a purebred Arabian parent in order to be eligible for registration. An Anglo can be bred to another Anglo, Thoroughbred or Arabian so long as the Arabian blood in the resulting foal is at least 25% but no more than 75%. This is a fact that is not widely realized!

There are a number of Anglo-Arabians not registered as such because there is no incentive to obtain lost or missing papers on the Thoroughbred parent in first generation Anglos, thereby robbing the horse of its rightful heritage. The Jockey Club has a process to obtain duplicate papers that is well worth the effort that the benefit of proper registration will yield.

Our members are committed to bringing Anglo-Arabians into the spotlight by continuing our Supreme Champion Anglo-Arabian Sport Horse award for the top five winning registered Anglo horses at Youth Nationals and Sport Horse Nationals (see info here) respectively. A Championship trophy, plus ribbons and embroidered dress sheets will be awarded to the winners, all of which are being donated by our members.

In 2008, we implemented a Year End Awards Program at nominal cost in order to award an Anglo-Arabian championship in all major disciplines in which our members compete.